1. Actions must be open with muzzle pointed down range upon arrival and when not firing.
  2. No handling or adjusting of firearms while anyone is down range.
  3. No firing is allowed over or to the sides of the backstop.
  4. Anyone seeing an unsafe condition may declare a cease-fire.
  5. No firing is allowed on the Pistol Range when vehicles are on the utility road above the pistol backstop.
  6. Actions shall be open when firearms are in the racks or being carried to vehicles.
  7. Absolutely no alcohol or drug usage or impairment allowed.


  1. The only authorized targets are to be paper ones tacked or stapled to the target holders. No glass, cans, bottles or boxes for targets.
  2. Please remove all targets after shooting is completed.
  3. Please deposit trash, brass, steel cases and unwanted targets in the trash cans provided.
  4. Anyone in obvious violation of range rules will be asked to leave. This may be enforced by the Sheriff’s Office as a public safety issue.